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The Block House - Page 2

Each stone in the base of the Block House was individually marked for reassembly purposes. Photograph: LACAC

A specially designed and crafted cradle was put in place to remove the top portion of the Block House which had been added by Francis H. Clergue.
The cradle made it unnecessary to disassemble this level of the building.
Photograph: LACAC

Spotters were required all around the building to ensure that the lifting process was smooth and that no unnecessary damage occurred. Photograph: LACAC

Cranes positioned on two sides of the Block House raised the cradle designed to remove the log portion of the buildingfrom the stone base. A team of volunteer engineers,architects and contractors supervised the activity.

Cranes were positioned on two sides of the building to ensure smooth movement.
Photograph: LACAC

The log portion of the building was moved to a waiting float. Photograph: LACAC

Before the stone base of the Block House could be disassembled, the top portion of the building had to be removed. Photograph: LACAC

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