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David Pim & The Ermatinger Stone House

The Pim House

In 1857 David Pim purchased 50 acres of land at the top of what is now called Pim Hill. This is the first recorded property transaction in Sault Ste. Marie. The property included an Anglican Church that had been built in 1832 on the corner where Borron Avenue and Great Northern Road now meet. Using a team of oxen, Pim moved the building to the bottom of the hill (now 162 Pim Street ) where he turned it into a house for his family. A porch was built on the front and an addition was built onto the back.

Photo of Pim Family in front of the house.
Courtesy Ermatinger•Clergue National Historic Site
First Land Purchase Document of Sault Ste. Marie, 1857
Collection of the Sault Ste Marie Public Library Archives
Sketch of Anglican Church
From: Annuals of Sault Ste Marie. By E.H. CAPP

A portion of the house also served as the headquarters for Colonel Wolsley while his troops disembarked from the ship the "Chicora" and portaged around the rapids. The troops were rushing to Manitoba to quell the Riel Rebellion and had been denied passage through the American locks.

Members of the Pim family continued to live in the house until 1923 when it was sold to Mr. George Haney who demolished the house to build modern residences.